Be first – Donate for the Jedlička´s Institute completion.


The educational center Studeo will enable further self-development of people with disability. Help us to build a unique educational center for people with special needs.

A three-year collection is organized by the TAP Citizens Association in cooperation with the band The Tap Tap, Jedlička´s Institute and the Magistrate of the Capital City of Prague.

We have a strong will

A life with a handicap requires strong will and often even a professional assistance.

Support us in our intellectual development and effort to become truly needed in society!

Zdeněk Krupička, a CZ Sledge Hockey Team member, floorball player and acrobat (Photo: Ladislav Polnický)


A handicap of the strong
- All wait they won’t fail
Advantage of the weak
- No one believes they will succeed

An educational center for people with disability

Only the best teachers, able to recognize and develop student’s abilities, must work with people with physical disability. Only then the people with handicap could themselves become teachers, lawyers, scientists, politicians, IT specialists, simply specialists in chosen disciplines. And that is a sense of the educational center STUDEO.

In combination with the use of advanced technologies as compensation aids, a unique educational center for people with special needs will arise.

A pilot project is already going on for eight years in space provided under Jedlička Institute partnership. One of the most noticeable outcomes of the STUDEO educational courses is a band The Tap Tap, comprised of students and school-leavers of Jedlička’s Institute schools.


Our stories

Luckily my graduation’s over

Jiří Holzmann was singing side-by-side with Dan Bárta, Kamil Střihavka, Vojta Dyk, Matěj Ruppert or David Koller in The Tap Tap and he is continually improving and educating in singing. He is also attending a course on music software.

Ladislav Angelovič is a very talented presenter. He has the ability to say things briefly, clearly and in a way it just “fits”. He works as a press agent of the TAP civic organization. He is a student of philosophy at the Charles University in Prague.

And now we are
getting ready for America

Honza Macháček literally lives for music. Despite his hearing difficulties he intones well and he is even singing in The Tap Tap already.

Petr Tomek is a big music talent and he is managing masterfully several TTT songs on keyboards already.

Vítek Feller is really not a newbie in The Tap Tap. Same as his colleagues he also is very musical. Sometimes he doesn’t remember something but tardiness a not delivering promises is not tolerated in the band and Vítek made a huge progress even in these areas.

We have experienced
many concerts together

Petr Burda has passed through courses of percussive instruments, journalism and english language. He wants to be a sport editor.

Jana Augustinová has excellent results as a lecturer of students with mild autism and concentration disorders. She likes management and PR.

The Tap Tap

The band of students and school-leavers of the Jedlička’s Institute is not an upstart. During the 14 years of its existence the band has honestly beaten its place in the Czech show business and has many times successfully represented Czech Republic even abroad.

Moscow, London, Prague State Opera.

The title song “Moje volba” / “My choice” from our CD of the same name is accompanied by a short edit from our home and abroad concerts.

“Řiditel autobusu” / “The bus director”

A successful videoclip of The Tap Tap with host singers Vojta Dyk, Xindl X and Dan Bárta. The song’s origin was inspired by the band drummer’s peripeteias with traveling by the public transport.

“Konec světa - zrušeno” / “The End of the World - Cancelled”

The videoclip was created in direct connection with the Concert Against the End of the World realized in 2012. The World indeed hasn’t ended that day. |

How to donate

30 CZK at once

Jednorázová DMS

The price of the DMS is 30 CZK.
STUDEO will get 28,50 CZK.

30 CZK monthly

Roční podpora DMS

1 DMS for 30 CZK
every month for one year.

Up to 20% sale in The Tap Tap band´s e-shop.

Trvalý příkaz

Contribute regularly.
From 100 Kč up to 100 mil. Kč

Something for something


A due reward for your support.
From the badge to The Tap Tap’s concert in your own garden.
Choose from our rich offer.

The amount raised

(to day 18. 11. 2016)

Target amount100.000.000 CZK
Already collected3.113.195 CZK
Still remains96.886.805 CZK

Already supported the collection.
Join in as well.

5.000.000 CZK
Ing.Bc. Miloš Šimek 10.000 CZK
František Dřevojan100 CZK
ing. Marcela Prokopová5.000 CZK
Employees collection17.328 CZK
B’nai B’rith Renaissance10.000 CZK
Č.V.PROTOTYP s.r.o.10.000 CZK
SOŠ a SOU, Mladá Boleslav, Jičínská 7624.000 CZK

If you wish to be stated on the public donor list, contact us at

For identification write your name / name (logo) of the company and the account number from which the amount was sent. The amount does not matter, we appreciate every contribution.

A transparent collection account

Tradition and trust

Mgr. Petr Hrubý, director of the JÚŠ

Jedličkův ústav a školy

We are a semi-budgetary organization which has been functioning from the 1913 already, providing educational and social services to young people with physical disability during their school attendance and preparation for their future profession. You will find us at Vyšehrad in Prague (a map and a virtual tour through the premise). We put emphasis on appropriate education, complex skills development and overall rehabilitation. Our aim is as good integration of our school leavers into normal life and natural social environment as possible. We provide our service to approximately two hundreds of children and young people, which are or daily attending our barrier less schools, living the whole week in our homes or going to ordinary schools in their place of residence.

V Pevnosti 4, 128 41 Praha 2

Mgr. Ludmila Štvánová, Prague councillor on education and leisure time:

Capital City
Prague City Hall

I greatly welcome the initiative of the band The Tap Tap aimed on gaining financial means for the Jedlička’s Institute and Schools. The Tap Tap as a band proves that good music doesn’t know any limitations and there is nothing more positive than its connection with the idea of help for something good. Therefore The Capital City supports this effort with great pleasure.

Mariánské nám. 2, 110 01 Praha 1

Šimon Ornest, chairman of the o.s. TAP, director and bandleader of the band The Tap Tap

TAP citizens’association

Care of the skills and ability development of people with physical disability and support in their preparation for their future employment.

Support and organization of social and culture activities of students of the Jedlička’s Institute in Prague.

It provides educational and qualification courses for persons with physical disability. It operates, promotes and arranges performances of the Jedlička’s Institute students ensemble The Tap Tap. It cooperates with other associations, societies, as well as individuals in activities with an aim of active leisure time spending and development of talents, dispositions and interests of people with physical disability.

Na Pankráci 13, 140 00 Praha 4


Dnes končí tříletá sbírka na dostavbu Jedličkova ústavu a škol

Moc děkujeme všem, kdo přispěli.

Společně se nám podařilo podpořit Magistrát hl. m. Praha v rozhodnutí rozšířit a zkvalitnit služby Jedličkova ústavu. Finance na dostavbu jsou odsouhlaseny radou MHMP a alokovány pro tento účel.

Nyní s architekty z firmy Intar dokončujeme projekt pro výběrové řízení na dodavatele služeb (stavební firmu).

Vzhledem k tomu, že dostavěno by mělo být v roce 2021, chceme prostředky ze sbírky využít k rozjezdu a vybavení bezbariérového nahrávacího studia v současné zkušebně The Tap Tap. S vybavením se následně přesuneme do speciálních prostor v nové budově.